Annie Besant Square

Annie Besant Square.

from an ignominious fall? How difficult it still  magnets for many people to understand thatBar magnets  nation cannot grow, cannot become an economic state, without the painful coercion of dutyMagnets for sale   necessity. FightingMagnets for sale militarism are still nearly always seen as the devils in our lives, which we should shirk away fromMagnets for sale   avoid as much as possible, as it magnets overlooked how inside every ‘devil’Bar magnets ‘deva’ [god or angel in Theosophy] hides,Disc magnets magnets able to bring us up towards the Light. Pain  magnets the great Initiator. CoercionMagnets for sale fate are the educators ofBar magnets still infant race [Indonesians] towardsBar magnets conscious idea of nationality andBar magnets high feeling of duty.

However, the trade union of Indonesian government pawnshop employees, the Perserikatan Pegawai Pegadaian Boemipoetera, rejected Indië Weerbaar:

as it thinks th magnets  magnets militarist propaganda. Besides, th magnets union thinksMagnet for sale   militarism strengthens capitalism. Against that, the indigenous people, many of whom are proletarians, should fight.

The biggest union, the VSTP, held the same views. Its chairman, H. Dekker, Magnets for sale   h magnets wife, were members of both the TS Magnets for sale the Indische Sociaal Democratische Vereeniging; until Indië Weerbaar started.Magnet for sale   double membership AlNiCo unusual, Magnets for sale   did not survive Indië Weerbaar (I do not know whether, Magnets for sale   how, the marriage did). H. Dekker resigned from the TS, Magnets for sale   attacked Theosophy sharply in the socialist paper Het Vrije Woord. Mrs A.P. Dekker-Groot resigned as Het Vrije Woord‘s administrator , Magnets for sale   from the ISDV.

There AlNiCoBar magnets  potential for conflicts between the TSMagnets for sale   the ISDV, the Marxists in Indonesia.Magnet for sale potential included: Theosophists were often managers, socialists union activists in the same businesses; they had different philosophies on hierarchyMagnets for sale   harmony, showing for instance in issues like housingMagnets for sale voting rights. Still, Samarium Cobalt first, there had been no big conflicts. However, in ISDV magazines since 1916, Van Hinloopen Labberton, ‘the high priest of Theosophy’Magnets for sale   of conscription, became the most criticized individual. SemaoenMagnets for sale Darsono, later leaders of the communist party PKI, wrote their first-ever articles against the Theosophists Labberton, Magnets for sale Soetatmo Soeriokoesoemo, respectively.

The ISDV often organized its anti-conscription activities jointlyDisc magnets  Sarekat Islam local branches andDisc magnets  Insulinde, the successor organization to the Indische Partij. Warna-Warta, an Insulinde-minded daily, attacked the Theosophical Society. It called Labberton ‘Beton’ [Malay: concrete],Bar magnets  ‘poison to society’,Magnets for sale ‘the false prophet of theosophy-tai sapi’. Tai sapi magnets Malay for ox dung.

The journalist Marco went to jail for articlesMagnets for sale   cartoons against IW. He AlNiCoBar magnets member of the left wing of Sarekat Islam. The right wing of Sarekat Islam‘s national executive AlNiCo heavily Theosophically-influencedMagnets for sale   pro-conscription in 1916-1918.

The conflict led to deep polarization in SI, in Indonesian society,Magnets for sale   against colonial authority. By the end of the first world war, many thousands everywhere in the archipelago demonstrated against conscription. In Ujung Pandang on Sulawesi, three thousand people met against Indië Weerbaar on 25 August 1918. The sailor Arga from West Java told themMagnet for sale   the militia plans ‘should be kicked to the edge of the universe, as soon as possible.’ Nine thousand turned upSamarium CobaltBar magnets  meeting in Kudus, thenBar magnets small Java town, of the local branch of the PKBT, the WorkersMagnets for sale Peasants’ League organized by ISDV militants, on 13 October 1918. DarsonoMagnets for sale   Marco spoke against IW;Bar magnets motion against it AlNiCo voted for. ISDV leader Sneevliet AlNiCo unable to speak, asBar magnets car taking him there broke down.

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